Collaborative innovation

Assisting and supporting the realization of the product by means of the feasibility analysis with suppliers and the study of new processing methods. We are able to provide our experience to assist the customer in the industrialization phase as well as in the choice of the most suitable methods for the production/processing of the product. We have also established numerous partnerships with academic world.

Delivering the know how

This is the central activity of 4D Engineering, which allows us to perform complex jobs optimizing time. Our experience enables us to accompany our customers all along the learning curve in order to facilitate the achievement of these goals. Training with methodology, experience and passion for delivering all our know-how

Simulating reality

Comparing the design with reality becomes a fundamental step in achieving higher levels of efficiency. Through kinematic, structural and modal analysis using FEM and flow analysis, we help our customers to have a targeted design, reduce prototyping costs but above all to improve the quality and reliability of the final product.

Facilitate the change

Experience, this is the key that enables us today to have a good knowledge of all types of conversions among the various CAD formats, a condition we solve securely exchanging data also of complex assembly

Improving the reality

By topological optimizing we can find the project solution that provides the best performance based on the project goals, starting from a predefined volume and the boundary conditions (constraints and loads)


We overcome the different sectoral approaches creating collective processes among the various disciplines in order to propose alternative and innovative solutions.





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